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Year 4 actors praised for World War Two drama performances

Year 4 actors praised for World War Two drama performances

A Preparatory School year group have been praised for their efforts during a special play based on World War Two life.

The talented Year 4 pupils’ performed the drama entitled Bombs and Blackberries, which is based on the play by Julia Donaldson, on Wednesday March 15 and Thursday 16.

It revolved around the Chivers family, who are forced to send their children to the countryside from their Manchester home.

Ellis-Lister-Brookes and Violet Roberts gave a pair of fantastic performances as Mr and Mrs Chivers, with Cieran Milligan, Tori Maddocks, Theo Roberts, Zack Coverley and Rana Abou-Samra doing a superb job in their roles of children.

Nurse Christine will be played by the gifted Chloe Tillman-Lennon, while Gabriel Donohue also catching the eye in his role of Mr Biggs.

Also starring in the play are Tristan Griffiths, Biv Gilmartin, Maggie McDuff, Pip Roberts, Damla Emek, William Hibbert, Olivia Newman, Sophie Morris, Freya Berkley, Fflur Pierce, Keira Luke, Adam Williams, Grace Watkins, Gracie Tavernor, Benjamin Richmond, Freddie MacLaverty and Dylan Pugh.

Prep School head Roger McDuff, said: “The Year 4 play is always one of the highlights of the year, and this year’s production was another fantastic occasion.

“Every single pupil performed exceptionally well, which is down to their hard work and that of our staff led by teacher and director Catherine Culver.

“World War Two may now be a distant memory for some, but its significance should never be forgotten and our pupils got to experience through the play a small taste of what it was like for thousands of families across the country during that time period.”

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