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Year 3 take part in Colwyn Bay History walk

Year 3 take part in Colwyn Bay History walk

A Preparatory School year group found out more about the rich history of the area to boost their knowledge surrounding a classroom topic.

The Year 3 group at Rydal Penrhos took part in a special History Walk on Wednesday, June 20, which saw the contingent take part in a number of different activities surrounding prominent landmarks around school and the immediate Colwyn Bay region.

They used a range of skills, such as map reading, observation and investigation skills to understand what each could learn about the local area by looking closely at the human features.

The group also examined how buildings had changed over time, and recorded the features of the featured structures and objects such as the War Memorial situated at Queen’s Gardens to learn about Colwyn Bay in decades gone by.

Their findings will now be used as part of their History topic within the classroom, and this is the latest in a wide range of different trips and academic activities put on by Rydal Penrhos’ dedicated staff throughout the year.

Deputy Head Alison Hind, said: “We are fortunate to be part of a town that has so many stories and such a rich history, something which we strive to make the very most of here at Rydal Penrhos.

“Passing on this rich history to the next generation is essential in ensuring that major events are not forgotten throughout time, and I know our Year 3 group got a tremendous amount from the activity which will benefit them considerably in the classroom.”

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