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Year 12 take part in Chemistry Pharmaceutical Day at Bangor University

Year 12 take part in Chemistry Pharmaceutical Day at Bangor University

A group of Lower Sixth Form pupils at Rydal Penrhos were given an introduction to the synthesis of one of the world’s oldest medicines at a special event.

Holly Battersby, Jamie Lavery, Arend Franssens, Sam Jones, Ioan Peak-Jones and Aisha Jidda attended a Chemistry Pharmaceutical Day at Bangor University, where they explored more about the complexities regarding the elements surrounding aspirin.

During the sessions, each pupil got the chance to synthesise aspirin in a laboratory, experienced life as an undergraduate chemist and sat through a fascinating lecture by Professor Roger Phillips on Pharmacology and Cancer.

There was also a specially arranged Spectroscopy session, where those in attendance were introduced to MS, IR and NMR spectroscopy to prepare hem for the Organic A-level module in Year 13.

Approximately 35,000 metric tonnes of Aspirin are produced and consumed annually, enough to make over 100 billion standard aspirin tablets every year.

Nowadays aspirin is not only used as a pain killer but has also been proposed as effective in reducing the incidence of heart disease.

Director of Studies Sally Harding, said: “These experiences are invaluable for our pupils here at Rydal Penrhos, and hopefully it will stand our current Year 12 Chemistry candidates in good stead as they look to continue our outstanding recent exam success in the subject next year.

“They all got an enormous amount out of the day and I would like to thank Bangor University for having us once again.”


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