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Student Finance Wales deliver special talk to Upper Sixth Form group

Student Finance Wales deliver special talk to Upper Sixth Form group

Sixth Form pupils at Rydal Penrhos got the chance to find out more about an important part of the further education process at a specially arranged event.

The Upper Sixth Form group sat through a special presentation from Student Finance Wales on Friday, January 18, where they were given an in-depth look into the options available as they continue to prepare for the next stage of their education at University.

Among the subjects covered throughout the talk were student loans, financial assistance with tuition fees and any other questions the group may have had in regards to the application process.

This is the latest in a series of items put on by Rydal Penrhos’ dedicated staff throughout the academic year, which have been implemented with a view to giving each Upper Sixth pupil the necessary information and support ahead of an extremely important decision relating to their future.

Director of Studies Sally Harding, said: “We strive to ensure that each Sixth Form pupil living and learning at Rydal Penrhos is fully prepared for further education and the working world, and I would like to thank Student Finance Wales for coming in and giving them a broader perspective of the financial aspect of university and the options available to them.

“This is a busy time for our Upper Sixth Form group as they explore university options, in addition to coursework and exam preparations, and our wonderful staff do an incredible job of supporting them through the process to ensure they are undaunted by what lies ahead.”

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