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Staff Blog: Mr Farnell gives account of Erasmus+ trip to Germany

Staff Blog: Mr Farnell gives account of Erasmus+ trip to Germany

Erasmus+ visit to Bonn, Germany

At the end of June, some of our Erasmus participants from Year 12 travelled to Bonn to take part in the final meeting of the current Erasmus+ programme.

For two years, pupils have been researching the events of the Cold War and producing teaching and learning materials about this era. In addition to standard materials covering key events, the group wanted to tell the story of the era from others' perspectives. 

The new website therefore also has timelines of each participant country of what was important to them to help us understand the world from their viewpoint.

We also interviewed ordinary folk to see how they felt at the time and tell the Cold War via objects and artefacts. 

The key areas cover the main political events such as Berlin, Korea, but also via social topics such as the Space Race or Sport in the Cold War.

The final website can be viewed on https://cold-war-cojobo.appspot.com.

We arrived in the European heatwave with temperatures of 38 degrees Celcius and so needed to cool off a little.  Pupils were amazed the school had a zoo and Cerys particularly seemed to like the snakes. Most time was spent working but also there was time to cool off, go bowling, play football and develop a more international outlook by mixing with students from around Europe.

As well as preparing our final presentation in school we were invited by the mayor to the RatHaus or 'Town Hall' where the famous picture of Helmet Kohl and Mikhael Gorbachev was taken after the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

We presented our results to 11 classes from Bonn and also in the Haus Geschichte Bonn or 'Modern German HistorMuseumum' with a flash mob and orchestra before inviting the public to view our work. 

Guests came from the USA, Germany, UK, Netherlands and China among others.

We also visited a nuclear bunker built inside a mountain where the Federal government would flee to, so that Government could continue. Inside were a barracks, hospital, TV studio, Presidential quarters and even a hairdressers plus more obvious elements such as decontamination showers.

Our last day saw us visit Brussels with some free time to visit the city centre before a tour or the European Parliament to learn about its work and role.

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