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Staff Blog: Mr Boyd's rundown of U18 and U16 Rosslyn Park Rugby 7s

Staff Blog: Mr Boyd's rundown of U18 and U16 Rosslyn Park Rugby 7s

Rydal Penrhos’ Director of Sport Allen Boyd brings us a rundown of the schools’ U18 and U16 Rugby 7s sides from the high-profile Rosslyn Park 7s competition last week.


This was the last outing on the rugby pitch for this group as a collective.

Before the competition we had targeted games we needed to win and we won those which is testament to their ability to play 7s.

With two incredibly good sides in our group we did struggle to up our game to their level which was disappointing, however, that should not take away from the achievements of this group on the 7s pitch this season.

With a long list of schools beaten over the course of the season they have shown that they can achieve and hopefully they have enjoyed the sport enough to wish to pursue it and then move on to pastures new in September.

For those who remain, they can look forward to playing with a promising group of U16s coming through behind them.


With three previous winners of the tournament in our group and 160 teams entered into the competition this was always going to be a tough competition.

However, this group of players did incredibly well in the group stages, the highlight being their well-deserved victory over Mount St Mary’s School.

It was a pleasure to see the team develop over the course of the season and I am sure there are great things to come from this group on the 7s pitch in the future.

U18 squad: Joe Gardener, William Lynch, Finlay Hare, Tomos Davies, Jake Palmer-Reid, Michael Thomas, Jamie Rogerson, Nils Memmi-Bonstrom, Mason Clark, Theo Bryant.

U16 squad: Sam Bixby, Theo Bryant, Dylan Craddock, Joshua Doyle, Aydan Garrod, George Smith-Edwards, Adrian Lewis, Eddie Hackman, Thomas Hughes, Baptiste Mazars, Finlay Hare, Rhys Seenan.

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