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Staff Blog: Miss Hughes details exciting Year 4 STEM project

Staff Blog: Miss Hughes details exciting Year 4 STEM project

Late last week, our Year 4 group have been covering Ratio and proportion objectives in mathematics lessons.

Led by myself, the class embarked on a STEM project which involved designing and creating a range of ‘mocktails’.

As well as working out measures using their knowledge of ratio and proportion, they also had the opportunity to consider why certain mixes were the most or least popular.

From that, they then reconsidered the ratio of different ingredients to improve their product.

Introducing STEM is vital while a child is developing learning habits within primary education.

STEM lessons incorporate integrated mathematics, sciences, engineering and technology; while introducing young minds to schools of scientific linear thinking, creative problem solving, inventiveness, and instilling the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

At Rydal Penrhos Prep School, we are committed to providing cross-curricular approaches to learning and a range of opportunities for children to use an apply their knowledge when problem-solving.

We are very excited to be planning further Enterprise activities over the next term where the STEM approach to teaching and learning, alongside business studies, will be delivered.

Miss Hughes

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