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Siham puts summer to good use by completing Summer Reading Challenge

Siham puts summer to good use by completing Summer Reading Challenge

A studious Preparatory School pupil made the most of her summer holidays by taking part in a local reading initiative.

Siham Clarke, a Year 3 pupil at Rydal Penrhos, took part in the national Mischief Makers Summer Reading Challenge, which was devised by The Reading Agency and Libraries.

In order to complete the challenge, the seven-year-old had to read five or more books at her local library and present her finding on each story in special reviews.

She received a generous round of applause and a certificate from Prep School Head Alison Hind at Rydal Penrhos’ weekly Celebration Assembly on Saturday, September 14.

This follows on from the Prep School’s own Summer Reading challenge, which takes place annually and has been implemented with a view to improving reading and imagination over the extended break.

Mrs Hind, said: “This was a fantastic way for Siham to gain some extra knowledge throughout her summer away from Rydal Penrhos, and it is great to see our pupils using their own initiative to enhance their learning over the holidays.

“Things like this ensure our hard-working pupils are fully prepared and ready to go for the challenges that lie ahead over the next academic year, and everyone at Rydal Penrhos is thrilled with Siham’s efforts that are sure to stand her in extremely good stead for the future.”

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