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Rev'd Sissons leads Year 1 group during mock Christening

Rev'd Sissons leads Year 1 group during mock Christening

A Preparatory School year group got the chance to experience one of life’s great milestones thanks to a special activity.

The Year 1 Rydal Penrhos contingent held their very own mock christening prior to the summer break, which was hosted by the Reverend Nick Sissons as part of their Religious Studies curriculum.

During the special lesson, Rev’d Sissons went through the process of a Christening in great detail, with Xander Poynton and Layko Driver playing the role of parents to their ‘baby’ throughout the ceremony.

This experience was implemented with a view to giving each pupil involved a broader knowledge of what a Christening involves, the significance of baptism and its impact on their everyday lives.

Prep School Head Alison Hind, said: “This was a fantastic way for our Year 1 group to find out more about what a Christening involves, and I would like to thank the Reverend Nick Sissons, our school Chaplain, for putting on a fantastic demonstration of what exactly occurs during a typical ceremony.

“This is one of a number of such events we put on throughout the year across all age groups at Rydal Penrhos, giving each pupil learning at the school a greater knowledge of a subject they might not necessarily receive during normal lesson hours.

“Hopefully this will stand the Year 1 group in very good stead as they progress through the Religious Studies section of their education under the expert care and support of our wonderful staff here at the Prep School.”


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