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Prep School weekly awards: June 21

Prep School weekly awards: June 21

A host of Preparatory School pupils have been rewarded for their exceptional work thanks to an ongoing initiative.

As part of Rydal Penrhos’ achievement scheme, pupils across all age groups were selected for accolades in recognition of their academic and co-curricular efforts throughout the week.

The worthy recipients received their respective awards from Assistant Head Catherine Hughes at Rydal Penrhos’ weekly Celebration Assembly on Friday, June 21.

Reception: Camilla Simmons - for being fab and trying hard in everything she does. 

Year 1: Whole Class - for their determination & perseverance in learning to tell the time.

Year 2: Elliott Spall - for making an extra effort with his table manners this week. 

3JW: Oscar Jewsbury - for always working hard, especially in Maths. 

4CEC: Lewis Jellicoe - for his excellent writing he produced in his one-to-one lesson this week. 

5JP: Lily Copeland - for always giving her best in everything she does. 

6CC: Whole Class - for being just ‘spit spot’ and making us very proud!

6JM: Whole Class - for being just ‘spit spot’ and making us very proud!

Robyn Borg-Barthett, Clarence Chasteau and Maggie McDuff were presented with Head’s Commendations after successfully securing 30 points for their respective House, with a fantastic flower painting using various materials earning Dominic Chamberlain the Artist of the Week accolade from teacher Suzy Morris.

A record-breaking total of 178 raffle tickets gave Year 1 the title of Pre-Prep Class of the Week, with Year 5 attaining the Prep Class of the Week thanks to an impressive 118 ticket haul.

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