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Plight of street children highlighted at latest Reflective Corner session

Plight of street children highlighted at latest Reflective Corner session

Preparatory School pupils are being encouraged to climb inside a big cardboard box as part of a special scheme.

As part of a series of ‘Reflective Corners’ devised by Reverend Nick Sissons, Chaplain at Rydal Penrhos, pupils have been climbing into the boxes and once they've emerged to write their feelings on the outside of it.

Year 4 pupils have researched the plight of street children around the world and set up a space just outside the staff room, which has gone down very well with staff and pupils alike.

The pupils have been using the box this week, with some staff also trying their hand at the initiative, including teacher Emma McDuff, who wrote as her comment that it was “rather squashed in there”.

Those that used the boxes commented on how “hot and cramped ” they were, and “how awful it would be to have to live in such a box”, which is the whole point of the exercise - to make them think what it would really be like if we were living on the streets and not in their current surroundings.

There are pictures of street children from different countries as part of the display as well as a few personal stories to read.

Rev’d Sissons, said: “It is a very simple idea and quite a lot of fun to try out, but it is remarkable how powerful the experience can be of simply going inside a box for just a minute or two.

“The children have really responded well to the idea and many have said they will want to do what they can when they are older to make sure they don't have to put up with this kind of life.

“It's all part of making them aware of how privileged they are to live in a country such as our own and to realise that life is very different for many of their peers in other parts of the world.”

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