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Playscheme group enjoy fun-filled day at RSPB Conwy Nature Reserve

Playscheme group enjoy fun-filled day at RSPB Conwy Nature Reserve

Preparatory School children visited one of the prominent landmarks in the region as part of an ongoing holiday initiative.

Rydal Penrhos’ Playscheme devised another exciting schedule for those taking part, and they paid a special visit to the RSPB’s Nature Reserve in Llandudno Junction to kick-off their schedule.

There were a host of things to enjoy throughout their visit, including a walk around the picturesque site and

They also stopped at the various points during the walk to take in the various wildlife living within the reserve, including different species of bird and wild horses.

This was followed by a look in the marsh area to see what other creatures they could find, before they ended their stay with some free time in the play area.

The Prep School Playscheme implemented a new strategy this year, going off-site almost every day to take full advantage of the fantastic location the school finds itself in right in the heart of the North Wales coast.

Prep School Head Alison Hind, said: “We are extremely fortunate to be situated in a stunning part of the world here in North Wales, and our Playscheme definitely exploits this on an almost daily basis which is a huge benefit to those within the programme.

“Gaining additional experiences and communicating with other pupils in different year groups does wonders for their overall development when they return to a classroom environment.”

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