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Old lockers donated to Conwy Food Bank

Old lockers donated to Conwy Food Bank

Rydal Penrhos has put its old lockers to good use by donating them to the Conwy Food Bank, who will use them to store their items before distributing them to people using the facility.

Conwy Food Bank is a non-funded voluntary organisation which endeavours to feed people living in the county who are in crisis and unable to afford food.

The organisation was set up as Conwy Food Share in January 2011, taking over from Cymru Community Food Share, which was one of the first providers of food parcels to the needy in North Wales.

This is not the first time that Rydal Penrhos has aided the scheme during the academic year, with the school also holding a harvest collection, which saw a large collection of food items donated to the cause.

Deputy Head Tim Cashell, said: “The Conwy Food Bank does some incredible work to support needy families in the area, and it is a cause that we are thrilled to show continued support towards.

“Their service is absolutely essential and it is important that each pupil under our realises the significance of this and other very deserving project throughout the region that we contribute to throughout the year.”

Anyone wishing to donate items to the Conwy Food Bank, or for more information call 01492 471 793 or email conwyfoodbank@gmail.com.

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