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Old Penrhosian Provident Fund

      The objects of the Old Penrhosian Provident Fund Trust are “ to provide help and financial assistance by way of gift or loan or in any other manner to any former student or member of staff of the school known as Penrhos College situated in Llannerch Road, Colwyn Bay, North Wales who in the absolute discretion of the Trustees shall be in necessitous circumstances”. Requests can cover a wide spectrum, including people who find themselves in financial difficulties and those who may have assets, such as a house, but limited income to meet unexpected repair bills or expenses.

      The trustees meet once, (and occasionally twice), a year face to face, but a large part of the business is now done via ‘email’ meetings, as requests for help can come in at any time. Since the Fund is specific to pupils and Staff of the old Penrhos College, you need to have been at the Llannerch Road site during at least part of your time at the school. We receive requests from OPs of all ages and on rare occasions from previous staff of the college.

      If you, or anyone you know, could benefit from the help of the OP Provident Fund, please contact the trustees on

      (Charity no. 1092283)


      Old Penrhosian Provident Fund