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Old Penrhosian Association

      The Old Penrhosian Association 1896-2000

      A detailed record of the Old Penrhosian Association does not seem to exist and in the brief histories of Penrhos College, written by Rosa Hovey and Monica Beardsworth there is little mention of the OPA. It is believed that detailed information may be found in some issues of the Old Penrhosian magazine. No-one, however, has as yet undertaken the considerable research necessary to produce a detailed history of the OPA. All the information presently available is recorded below, in what is inevitably a short article. If any Old Penrhosians are able to provide detailed information relating to the history of the OPA, they are requested to get in touch with either Heidi York or Guy Watson.

      The first meeting of The OPA was held in 1896 and past pupils began a long association with the school, seeking to support it as it developed and through the establishment of The Provident Fund in 1909, past pupils. The first magazine the OPA produced was in 1896. The Association developed on a regional basis with the first Branch Reunion being held in London in 1913. Each Branch, of which there were seventeen, had its own officers and arranged its own meetings but all branches were linked to the OPA. The purpose of the Association and its branches was ‘to keep up friendly intercourse with past and present Penrhos and to give help in every possible way’. Throughout the years which followed the membership grew.

      Following the merger with the Old Rydalian Club in 2000 thirteen branches have continued to meet to allow the continuance of friendship amongst those who attended Penrhos. The Provident Fund still offers support to former pupils and staff who find themselves in need.

      Old Penrhosian Association