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Maths riddle inspires latest Academic Scholar session

Maths riddle inspires latest Academic Scholar session

An iconic Mathematics riddle was the inspiration behind another hugely successful Academic Scholar session.

Teacher Andy Thomas took the session prior to the half term break, which was the latest in a series of learning initiatives put on as part of the Rydal Penrhos’ thriving scholar programme across various departments including Drama, Art, Music and Sport.

Mr Thomas, who joined the school at the start of the academic year, explains more:

The Academic Scholar session was entitled "I think I'll stop here”.

Fermat, Taniyama-Shimura and Andrew Wiles explored a maths riddle that confounded the world’s greatest minds for over 350 years.

The riddle was Fermat’s last Theorem and I shared the story of how a 10-year-old English boy became captivated by the riddle and by the challenge of solving it.

The English boy’s name was Andrew Wiles and after several years of secret toil, he finally solved mathematics most challenging problem.

The academic scholars understood the riddle and its close relation Pythagoras’ Theorem.

There were some gasps when it looked like Homer Simpson had managed to prove Fermat wrong. But all was well when they realised their calculators were giving rounded answers.

The session finished with a short question and answer session and all of the academic scholars were thoroughly engaged throughout.


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