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Lower School Blog: Ethan talks about opportunities

Lower School Blog: Ethan talks about opportunities

In Lower School we have a wide range of opportunities ranging from a spectacular activity week to many sports tours giving us new experiences to shape who we really are.

My favourite so far has to be the Yorkshire hockey tour in the first term. This was my first time on a sports tour and it was amazing!

We may not have won all of our games, however, the positive attitude was incredible! On this trip we also went to the local water park, we ate out along with the many hockey matches.

My most memorable moment was everyone singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ on the bus as we were going to Pizza Express. Along with all the sports tours and residential trips there is also an annual skiing trip, last year I attended as a completely new skier and was very impressed with how my skill developed in just one week.

This ski trip was completely different from any school trip I have ever attended. It was in sunny Italy which was roughly 25 degrees centigrade at the hotel but as we went up the ski lift it gradually became cooler and at that point snow was everywhere, a winter wonderland!

In that one week, I managed to complete a 3,000-foot ski slope. As we were burning off many more calories than usual we could eat much more, which is always a plus if you ask me.

I am now excited for Activity Week as I will be going to Paris! Like the skiing trip, I have never been to Paris and I am very curious what the environment will be like.

These opportunities have helped me understand the cultures of other countries and have helped with my language lessons as I will hear the language all week long.

Although trips may be the main focus of the school opportunities there are also competitions and days out.

Recently I received an invitation to the Salters chemistry competition at Bangor University. This was a day out enjoying one of my favourite subjects with three of my best friends.

During this competition, we solved a robbery with lots of problems solving and even chromatography! We all had so much fun on this day and we came 3rd out of 14 different schools!

After Whit week I am also looking forward to a day out at Chester Zoo before our exams to have some fun with my class.

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