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Les Mis Cast Focus: Zahra (Éponine Thénardier)

Les Mis Cast Focus: Zahra (Éponine Thénardier)

  • Name: Zahra Shamsi
  • Year group: Lower Sixth
  • Role: Éponine Thénardier

The vocal prowess of Zahra is going to be an enormously impactful addition to the upcoming Dramatic Society production of Les Misérables.

She has visibly grown in confidence on stage since arriving at Rydal Penrhos as a Year 3 pupil back in 2009, and Zahra is now at the forefront of every production and concert that is put on by the school throughout the academic year.

The 16-year-old has plenty of experience on the big stage, with Zahra playing a significant part in the hugely successful production of Annie the Musical, which drew 1,000 audience members over a three-night period in 2017.

This has been further enhanced by her performances at high-profile events such as the Christmas Concert, RPS Showstoppers and the Speech and Drama Comedy Night, and Zahra has also showcased her enormous talent at community involvement relating to the school in recent years.

Zahra has become a huge influence within the Sixth Form community since the start of the academic year, and this was reflected by her recent appointment as Co-Chair of the Social Committee alongside Orla McGagh.

If that wasn’t enough, Zahra also starred in a national campaign with mother Rahai to encourage more girl participation in sport as part of her involvement with the Mochdre Lionesses football team.

Éponine Thénardier, also referred to as the "Jondrette girl", is introduced as a spoiled and pampered child, but appears later in the novel as a ragged and impoverished teenager who speaks in the argot of the Parisian streets, while retaining vestiges of her former charm and innocence.

American philologist John Andrew Frey, said: "Eponine is symbolic of redeemed types found in Hugo's work— the Mary Magdalene fallen woman redeemed by a deep, albeit romantic and impossible love."

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