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Les Mis Cast Focus: Tedi (Little Eponine)

Les Mis Cast Focus: Tedi (Little Eponine)

  • Name: Tedi Holden
  • Year group: Year 7
  • Role: Young Eponine; Factory Worker; Beggar; Rebel

A young and talented individual that has fitted in to Rydal Penrhos life seamlessly, Tedi will be taking on the role of Little Eponine during the upcoming Dramatic Society production of Les Misérables.

The sister of Year 10 pupil Beau arrived at Rydal Penrhos in the summer and has already made a lasting impression on the Lower School group, with her attitude and enthusiasm also receiving significant praise from teaching staff.

Tedi has played a leading role in a special Year 7 music project regarding the Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay, where a small number have been working alongside Director of Music Pete Williams and teacher Fiona Earle on a song based around the tourist attraction.

She has also made a standout contribution to the U12 and U13B Netball sides during her initial time with the squad, and her exceptional progress on the court was especially evident at Rydal Penrhos’ Junior Inter-House competition.

The pupil is thriving academically across a variety of different subjects, and her enthusiasm and willingness to learn have been a notable feature of the rehearsal process for Les Mis ahead of the highly anticipated opening night.

Éponine Thénardier, also referred to as the "Jondrette girl", is introduced as a spoiled and pampered child, but appears later in the novel as a ragged and impoverished teenager who speaks in the argot of the Parisian streets, while retaining vestiges of her former charm and innocence.

American philologist John Andrew Frey, said: "Eponine is symbolic of redeemed types found in Hugo's work— the Mary Magdalene fallen woman redeemed by a deep, albeit romantic and impossible love."

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