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Les Mis Cast Focus: Ollie (Javert)

Les Mis Cast Focus: Ollie (Javert)

  • Name: Ollie Gibson
  • Year group: Year 12
  • Role: Javert

A relative newcomer to the Rydal Penrhos community, Ollie will be taking on the role of Javert for the upcoming Dramatic Society production of Les Misérables.

He joined the school on a sports scholarship in September and has wasted no time in making himself a valued member of the Sixth Form community, and he is the younger brother Ben, who left Rydal Penrhos last summer after securing a place at the University of Cambridge.

Ollie has already made a lasting impression on stage at the wide range of concerts put on by Rydal Penrhos throughout the academic year, and he also lent his expertise to a pair of workshops put on by the school at the recent take pART event at Venue Cymru in Llandudno.

His powerful voice and passion for the Performing Arts is something that is sure to be another super addition to the cast, and Ollie’s efforts with the senior Boys’ Hockey and Rugby sides also coming in for significant praise during his brief time as a Rydal Penrhos pupil.

Javert, a fictional character and primary antagonist in Victor Hugo's 1862 novel Les Misérables, was presumably born in 1780 and died on June 7, 1832.

A police inspector, he becomes obsessed with the pursuit and punishment of the convict Jean Valjean.

As Hugo depicts it, Javert's misguided and self-destructive pursuit of justice is more tragic than villainous.

He is "a compound" of "respect for authority and hatred of rebellion," Hugo writes, "but he made them almost evil by his exaggeration of them".

Reflective thought is "an uncommon thing for him, and singularly painful" because thought inevitably contains "a certain amount of internal rebellion."

He is without vices, but upon occasion will take a pinch of snuff. His life is one "of privations, isolation, self-denial, and chastity—never any amusement".

Javert has been described as a legalist: His "moral foundation ... is built strictly on legalism"; he is "one of the most tragic legalists in Western literature" and "the consummate legalist".

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