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Les Mis Cast Focus: Emily (Little Cosette)

Les Mis Cast Focus: Emily (Little Cosette)

  • Name: Emily Jones
  • Year group: Year 8
  • Role: Little Cosette (two performances)

A bundle of joy with an infectious enthusiasm, Emily will be playing the part of ‘Little Cosette’ in the upcoming Dramatic Society production of Les Misérables.

The Year 8 pupil wasted no time in making an impact on Rydal Penrhos life after arriving at the school in 2017, throwing herself into every opportunity that is presented to her and every pupil living and learning at Rydal Penrhos.

Her love for all things related to the Performing Arts, which was nowhere more evident than at last year’s RPS Showstoppers event, which featured a wealth of musical talent across all age groups.

Emily’s efforts with the Junior Drama Club have also been the subject of considerable praise, with the pupil playing a leading role in their charity pantomime, which raised funds for Water Aid.

The sister of Sixth Former Sam is showing considerable progress academically and has developed her skills considerably in a sporting environment.

Her confidence and approachable nature is something that has further endeared her to staff and pupils alike during the initial stages of her senior school journey at Rydal Penrhos, something which also aided her transition into a new environment.

Cosette is the child of Fantine. She is the ward of the Thenardiers forced into child labour and sings "Castle On A Cloud”.

She is a trembling little creature, underfed, beaten by Madame Thenardier and bullied by Eponine.


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