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Leavers' Focus: Rayan

Leavers' Focus: Rayan

As part of a special series of summer features, we turn our attention to our Year 6 pupils as we reflect on their accomplishments and get the perspective of Prep School Head Alison Hind.

The latest instalment of Leavers’ Focus features Rayan Kashif:

A highly intelligent individual with the character to match, Rayan has developed into a fantastic young man who is thriving across a multitude of different areas.

He has made a lasting impact on the Prep School thanks in no small part to his inquisitive nature and academic ability, with his interest in ICT a standout feature of his progress under the guidance of Rydal Penrhos’ dedicated and supportive staff.

Never afraid to ask a question or provide an answer, Rayan’s confidence in familiar and unfamiliar situations has contributed significantly to his overall development, and his performances on stage have been another notable highlight during his final year as a Prep School pupil.

His fearless solo vocal during the annual Year 6 Café Dolphin drew a standing ovation from those in attendance, and his efforts during Aladdin also came in for significant praise.

Rayan deservedly picked up the Fowler Cup for his exceptional ICT work and the award for Overall Progress at Rydal Penrhos’ annual Speech Day event on the final day before the summer break.

Prep School Head Alison Hind, said: “Rayan joined us in Year 1 and the progress he has made during his time in the School has been phenomenal.

“He is a highly intelligent and conscientious boy who simply enjoys working hard and has a real thirst for knowledge.

“When the assembly audience is quiet and you are hoping for some sort of reaction, Ryan is the man who can be relied on - always. He is incredibly observant and knowledgeable about so many things and his in-depth responses to questions often keeps us on our toes.

“As well as impressing the Year 6 families with his amazing singing, throughout his time in school, Rayan has always been the reliable singer on stage.

“He has enjoyed a very successful year, culminating in his convincing performance of spooky voice in Aladdin -the obvious choice for the role. He is a thoughtful, kind and well-liked boy.”

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