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Leavers' Focus: James G

Leavers' Focus: James G

As part of a special series of summer features, we turn our attention to our Year 6 pupils as we reflect on their accomplishments and get the perspective of Prep School Head Alison Hind.

The latest instalment of Leavers’ Focus features James Gilman:

Head Boy, captain and leader, James is one of the crowning jewels of the Year 6 group and has been one of the real success stories of the Prep School in recent years.

His leadership in various roles has been nothing short of exemplary, and he is progressing a significant amount under the support and care of specialist staff, and there have been so many highlights it really is hard to

Whether it be his efforts on the rugby and football fields, the swimming pool, in the classroom or supporting charity events, James is someone who addresses every task with a huge smile and an infectious enthusiasm, something that is what of his standout traits and is sure to guide him to even further in the Prep School.

On stage he is a joy to behold, and his address during the annual Speech Day event prior to the summer break will live long in the memory and was a perfect way for the pupil to sign off.

He received the Art Cup and an Art scholar’s award, the Cricket Shield, the Football Cup, the Swimming Shield and the Head Boy’s Cup from the same event.

Prep School Head Alison Hind, said: “James joined the school in the Nursery, when he was a dot, and has enjoyed an incredibly successful journey through the Prep School.

“Not only does James work exceedingly hard on his studies, but he has enjoyed all-round successes both in and out of the classroom. This year, he was appointed Swim Captain, Football Captain, and Cricket Captain.

“Exemplifying all you could wish for in a pupil, whenever you see James, he looks perfectly polished (which pleases me very much), is always polite and has a smile that could lift the heaviest gloom.

“He is a wonderful friend to others, and extremely popular amongst his peers – a superb role model, making him the ideal person for role as Head Boy.

“His year has been successful throughout, culminating with yet other talents coming to the fore in his super performance as Kassim in the Year 6 play, showing that there is mischief inside, and his amazing vocal and guitar solo in Café Dolphin.”


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