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Juan Rajagopal receives silver medal for UKMT Junior Mathematical Olympiad efforts

Juan Rajagopal receives silver medal for UKMT Junior Mathematical Olympiad efforts

Juan Rajagopal

A Rydal Penrhos pupil has added to his impressive list of academic accolades with further national success.

Juan Rajagopal, a Year 9 pupil at the school, scored a highly impressive 53 out of 70 in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad, which put him in the top 50 entries from the 1,200 that qualified for the event.

The top 25 per cent of scorers that sat the paper received a Certificate of Distinction, the top 210 pupils were awarded a medal and only the top 50 were given a book prize. 

The 13-year-old performed exceptionally well to achieve all three of these awards in order to be recognised with the silver medal, and he managed to successfully gain three perfect solutions to a series of difficult questions which left him just one mark shy of gold.

This is the latest in a long line of achievements for the pupil, who qualified for the competition after gaining a Gold certificate, Best in School and Best in Year 8 for his efforts in the UK Maths Trust Junior Challenge earlier this year.

He was also part of the Rydal Penrhos team that gained the Best in Wales crown at the UKMT Junior Maths Team Challenge, after winning the regional heat alongside Alicia Zhou, Baptiste Mazars, and Jerry Zhao.

Deputy head Tim Cashell, said: “With only a small percentage of entries gaining medals, it just shows just how well Juan acquitted himself throughout the stages and he deserves a great deal of credit for his application and problem solving skills.

“Our Maths department has enjoyed an enormous amount of exam and competition success in recent months, and hopefully this will continue under the leadership of our new department head Rhian Williams.”

The pupil received his medal and other accolades at a school assembly held on Monday, September 11.

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