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Joe Crossley creates new media masterpiece for Burning Man Festival

Joe Crossley creates new media masterpiece for Burning Man Festival

A former Rydal Penrhos pupil and leading new media artist showcased a stunning piece at a world renowned event in the United States of America.

Joe Crossley, an ex-Bodfari resident who left the school in 1998, now resides in Australia and is a new media artist using light, projection mapping, motion sensors and more to activate public spaces and create large-scale installations.

His latest masterpiece saw him design and construct the centrepiece at the high-profile Burning Man Festival in Reno, Nevada, which drew hundreds of revellers to the site over a three-day period.

He has worked with a number of fashion and advertising agencies, in addition to high profile festivals such as VIVID Sydney and at popular resorts such as Ibiza.

Each year his work progresses, seeing multi-award winning collaborations with brands like Intel, and Samsung, in addition to being appointed as Epson's only affiliated Projection artist.

His performance was one of the highlights of the much-celebrated Sound and Vision Festival at the iconic Sydney Opera House recently.

Mr Crossley, said: “At Rydal Penrhos I had a music scholarship so I would always be lugging a cello around with a new pickup I had made and playing with what was back then very basic samplers and synths.

“In my twenties I was a DJ, so I was always into the newest devices, effects, and DAW’s, and then projections and stage shows.

“My creative lead is an organic inclusive flow state where I see good ideas like organisms. From external influences arise a unique and evolved idea and I bring all to the creative table when working with new concepts and people.

“My personal artworks lean towards sacred symbology and its effect ( or trying to understand its effect) on the human condition. As a classical cellist and musician as well as a light artist I am obsessed with frequency, waves, vibration, colour, and light.”

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