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Italian school sing at Welsh Mountain Zoo during integration programme

Italian school sing at Welsh Mountain Zoo during integration programme

A group of Italian visitors to Rydal Penrhos got the chance to perform at a prominent North Wales tourist attraction during their integration programme.

The Year 8 class from Leone School in Italy took a trip to the nearby Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay on Thursday, June 14, and they have been working hard on devising a routine and learning the lines of a song written on the famous landmark by Director of Music Peter Williams.

After a number of sessions to hone their skills on the subject, the group sang their song at two separate areas of the site, in front of the vocal sea lions and at the Chimpanzee enclosure.

Their efforts drew a large round of applause from those that witnessed the performance, and they also received a glowing reference from zoo staff for their conduct throughout their brief visit.

This was one of the wide range of different activities that the group took part in as part of their integration fortnight at Rydal Penrhos, where they were assisted by pupils and staff to fully immerse themselves in all areas of school life.

Mr Williams, said: “Every single pupil applied themselves fantastically to not only learn the song in a foreign language, but also come up with an entertaining routine for the performance, which was especially pleasing.

“I know they thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Welsh Mountain Zoo and got a tremendous amount out of their experience sampling life at Rydal Penrhos.”

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