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Interview with Mock General Election winner Ben Gibson

Interview with Mock General Election winner Ben Gibson

A Rydal Penrhos pupil has been speaking after triumphing in the school’s Mock General Election.

After weeks of campaigning the Labour Party, led by Upper Sixth pupil Ben Gibson, emerged victorious by a majority of 24 votes ahead of the Conservatives, who were being championed by Olivia Rogerson.

The 16-year-old sat down with Communications Assistant Dean Jones for a special interview after a stirring acceptance speech in-front of a packed St John’s Church on Thursday, June 8, where he spoke about the election process, the impact it had on the Rydal Penrhos community and what he managed to get out of the whole experience.

He said: “I hope that what the younger pupils got out of was that politics is not just a bunch of boring old men talking, that you can have some fun with it as well.

“Hopefully we have helped them make their decision, because it is an important decision to make and while I doubt we are the best equipped to help them make it in what is an increasingly important debate which will continue after this election.

“I tried to get the message that Jeremy Corbyn is driving across, and I hope it hasn’t been too ridiculous with all the star wars posters!”

The pupil also highlighted the benefit it has had on all year groups at Rydal Penrhos, which was reflected in the high turnout of 75 per cent and the high level of both involvement and engagement during the campaign process.

“The school has adopted it very happily and it has been very well publicised, and the turnout indicates there has been a high level of interest,” added Mr Gibson.

“I have had the opportunity to stand up and shout at people which has been great fun. Politically speaking it has been great as I have done a lot of research and for my political views it has been very useful.

“I am much more engaged in the process now than it has at the start. I don’t want to say whether it has inspired me to become a politician in the future but it has made me respect people who argue their point in-front of an audience that hates them.”

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