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Headmaster Simon Smith highlights importance of reflection in weekly Assembly address

Headmaster Simon Smith highlights importance of reflection in weekly Assembly address

Headmaster Simon Smith has highlighted the importance of reflection in his first assembly address following the half term break.

Speaking in-front of a packed St John’s Church on Monday, February 27, Mr Smith gave an inspiring speech about taking the time to look at your performance, understanding what needs to be done and making the appropriate changes to ensure that happens.

He said: “The inner voice plants good thoughts and bad. It is a strange thing that we can make up about 50,000 thoughts a day. It’s hard to believe that, 50,000 thoughts entering our head. But what really matters is they remain a jumbled mess unless I pick the best of them. I can choose either positive thoughts or negative thoughts it’s up to me to do it and that inner voice can be my best friend or my worst enemy depending on me.

“Here’s the point, if I deal with the inner enemy then the enemy on the outside – exams for example – it doesn’t matter.

“For real inner happiness don’t download the fears and anxieties which cripple you - forget them. Download instead thoughts which build you up and help you to live a fulfilled life.

“See the positives in mistakes and failures – learn from them in a constructive way and don’t linger on the negatives and what might have beens. Control the controllables. The image you have is the one that will work.”

During the address, Mr Smith also revealed that he has only taken one selfie during his life, which was upon completing Silverstone Half-marathon with a former colleague, while also using the life of boxing great Muhammad Ali as an example that pupils should aspire to.

“If the truth be told I’m not a big fan of any photos of me nor looking in the mirror,” he added.

“Instead of worrying about what’s happened, what might happen, what you look like in a selfie or the mirror reflect reflect on the positives or the lessons learned and how you will do better next time.

“Make the change to your work and make the change to your approach, your self-belief. Imagine yourself getting A*s, 45 points in the Diploma, acing a music exam, scoring the goal or delivering your lines flawlessly.”


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