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Head of Science Dave Robson gives rundown of STEM activities during academic year

Head of Science Dave Robson gives rundown of STEM activities during academic year

Science pupils at Rydal Penrhos

It has been yet another hugely busy year at the Science department, where a wealth of STEM activities have taken place at Rydal Penrhos.

We spoke with Head of Science Dave Robson, who gave us a special rundown of everything STEM related that the school had been involved in throughout the academic year:

Scientific Society lectures

These took place after school on Tuesdays and have included a lecture on Photonics entitled “An Audience with Laser Beams” as each audience member was given a small laser to carry out some simple experiments during the lecture.

Another talk was on the topic of “Chemistry, Light and Renewable Energy”.

This was a talk that brought together the Science and Geography departments and provided a fascinating insight into the future possibilities of solar power especially.

We also had a lecture that involved the RS department and looked at the connections and contradictions between Science and Religion.

Other lectures or visits

Drone during RAF visit to Rydal Penrhos

In September of last year the RAF came in and ran a presentation to our Year 9 pupils looking at flight in general but included demonstrations of jet engines and quad copters.

Year 7 all went out to the Big Bang Fair at Llandudno and listened to Dr Mark Lewney talk about waves whilst playing rock guitar turned up to 11 and went inside an inflatable planetarium.

Rydal Penrhos pupils at the Big Bang Fair

Year 12 Physicists are heading to Manchester University on Monday, June 26 for a day of lectures about everything from the very small in a lecture entitled “The Hunt for the Higgs” given by one of the research scientists working at the CERN particle accelerator in Geneva, to the very big in the final lecture entitled “Life, Death and the Universe”.

Four Year 9 Physics pupils are heading across to King’s Chester today (Tuesday, June 20) to take part in the Physics Olympics competition against 20 teams from other North Wales/North West schools.

Chemistry have sent pupils to the Top of the Bench competition which is a national Chemistry themed quiz based competition, where we came second in the regional heat.

Four Year 8 students took part in the Slaters’ Chemistry Festival where they completed various practical tasks and three Sixth Formers came runners up in the Royal Society of Chemistry School’s Analyst competition at Bangor University.

We have already booked up places for GCSE Science Live and A-level Science live shows in Manchester for next year where some world leading scientists aim to inspire and enthuse pupils about their subjects.

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