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Governor shares expertise on Fair Trade industry at special workshops

Governor shares expertise on Fair Trade industry at special workshops

A current Governor at Rydal Penrhos shared his expertise on the Fair Trade market on a special visit to the school.

As part of the school’s ongoing commitment to Global Learning, Mr Ralph Dransfield, who is also a Fairtrade Foundation Speaker, spent time at Rydal Penrhos’ Prep and Senior sites on Wednesday, March 7.

After taking in senior school chapel, the guest led workshops in the morning with Years 3 and 4 at the Prep and in the afternoon with Year 8 at the seniors.

Mr Dransfield shared some of his many experiences travelling abroad and meeting the farmers and workers who produce the fairly-traded goods we see in shops and catalogues across the country.

Through games like the Banana Game and the Trade Cycle, Year 8 learnt about how the current market system can make life really difficult for the people who put in the hardest work in the fields and on the factory floors around the world.

They concluded their afternoon workshop by designing and creating a fairly-traded product and presenting their ideas to their peers.

Reverend Nick Sissons, chaplain at Rydal Penrhos, said: “The winners were proponents of Bubbletrade, a fair trade tea; their 3-D poster campaign and dramatic portrayal of how fair trade can lift someone out of poverty won narrowly from the three other products: FairFlowers pots, the Fair Sack backpack, and Acogedor the Cosy poncho.

“A good smattering of fairly traded biscuits, mints and chocolates sustained everyone to the end of the day and the pupils should be highly commended for their teamwork and concentration.”

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