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GCSE Art pupils receive praise for mock exam efforts

GCSE Art pupils receive praise for mock exam efforts

A group of talented art pupils at Rydal Penrhos have been praised for their efforts during a recent mock examination.

The GCSE group spent the day on Thursday, February 16 going through the exact exam process they will participate in at the end of term, giving them some vital experience in things such as time management and preparation methods.

The pupils worked hard on making pieces outside of their sketchbooks based on their responses to the exam paper which they received after Christmas.

The morning was spent drawing on canvas and preparing before the painting and other activities began.

Head of Art Mark Sherrington, said: “By going through this mock process the pupils get a genuine sense of what the real exam will be like at the end of term.

“It also enables their project to move on and give them chance to “review and refine” their work which is part of the marking criteria.

“All the pupils produced work that was sustained and considerably better than work up to this point and it gives us chance to really push the ideas and techniques prior to the end of term.”

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