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Former Head Girl Heidi Nash-Smith speaks on Youth Ambassador role for African charity

Former Head Girl Heidi Nash-Smith speaks on Youth Ambassador role for African charity

A former Head Girl at Rydal Penrhos has been speaking on her work as a Youth Ambassador for a leading African charity.

Heidi Nash-Smith, who attended Penrhos College from 1992-99, has been given the role by So They Can, a charity who work together with communities in Africa to educate and empower, so they can break the poverty cycle and realise their own potential.

She was acknowledged after doing an enormous amount of fundraising for the cause, and she travelled to Kenya to spend some time at So They Can's projects in Nakuru.

She said: “The trip to Kenya had a profound impact on me. I returned from Kenya enriched, but also conscious that there was much more I could do to support So They Can’s work.

“The rights of the child and gender equality are cross cutting issues across all of So They Can's projects. Every child has the right not to live in poverty so So They Can designs and delivers projects to ensure real, tangible and lasting improvements to the lives of children in Kenya and Tanzania.

“While inequality can impact on both genders, it is generally women and girls who are disadvantaged. Therefore So They Can's projects have a strong emphasis on building the power of girls and women aiming to advance their rights and overcome deprivation, exclusion and vulnerability.”

Since her return Heidi has been identifying ways to engage supporters in their 20s to 30s as part of her role, while she will also be taking part in the gruelling Australian Outback Running Festival to raise further funds.

“These funds, along with any other funds we raise over the coming months, will support So They Can's projects in Kenya, including the Aberdare Ranges Primary School sports program and run club,” she added.

If you would like to support these efforts, you can do so here - https://give.everydayhero.com/au/from-africa-to-the-outback-running-so-they-can#/

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