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FEATURE: Head Boy and DofE Gold Award winner Nick takes part in Q&A

FEATURE: Head Boy and DofE Gold Award winner Nick takes part in Q&A

Head Boy Nick Fiorita successfully completed his Duke of Edinburgh Award in just one year recently, and he took part in a special feature with Life in North Wales magazine on the significance of the programme.

What did you do for your Duke of Edinburgh?

For my Physical, I have done Squash and Hockey, I have even Captained the 1st XI once or twice at my school.

I have received most improved hockey player and even Half Colours in hockey at the sports awards last year.

For volunteering, I have spent months at the British heart foundation and for Gold was a mentor and even did some teaching within the army cadet force, whilst a cadet, I also ran the tuck shop for over a year and helped at different events such as the AGM of the North Wales royal legion.

For my skill I have learnt a little Latin, improved my cooking but for gold I learnt drill (marching). I achieved both one start and two start within cadets which includes rifle drill. Now I teach drill to younger cadets.

The expedition was the hardest phase but the training I received really helped and despite having my gold Exped in the wildest and roughest part of the welsh mountains, the Rhinogs, pushed my navigation to the limit but as a team we worked together and got through some rough weather and very boggy fields.

How did you go about it?

I used what extracurricular activities I did in school, what I was already doing in cadets and asked to do more within cadets as well.

How much support did your school offer?

A huge amount, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have without the support from my school, namely my Duke of Edinburgh supervisor at school, Dr Jim Lewis.

He was so organised and passionate that I was motivated and able to complete all three awards. The army cadets were also very supportive, and a lot of my gold award was down to the cadets also having the DofE integrated into their curriculum.

What did you achieve?

I have achieved bronze, silver and gold awards. I achieved gold within one year, the minimum time possible. I am the only pupil in my year to achieve it currently.

How will it benefit your future career or life?

I believe that the organisation skills I have learnt will make university life much better, it has already helped me whilst doing four A-llevels.

The ability to be disciplined and show commitment over a long period of time will also help my in any job.

The awards were on my UCAS application, to which I have received offers from Warwick and York universities. They also were on my successful head boy application.


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