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Erasmus Project group praised for work produced during Spain trip

Erasmus Project group praised for work produced during Spain trip

A group of Rydal Penrhos pupils created some outstanding work as part of their ongoing efforts with a prestigious programme.

As part of the school’s work with the Erasmus scheme, the contingent will make the trip to Madrid, Spain on Wednesday, November 7 to progress their investigation surrounding their topic of the Cold War.

Edward Patrick, Ioan Peake Jones, Tomos Cole-King, Harry Hackman and Luke Davies formed the Rydal Penrhos contingent that will travelled to the continent, where they will be starting the first year of the project.

They have been tasked with producing teaching materials regarding the significant period of tension between the Soviet Union and the United States, together with their allies following World War Two.

The focus in year is to provide teaching via games, interviewing people to add first-hand accounts and telling the story of History via objects and artefacts.

The two-year project, which is taking place alongside partner schools from Germany, Slovakia and Spain, involved the group investigating the broad topic of The Cold War in great detail and producing ideas that would aid teaching methods relating to the subject.

Following their sterling work throughout the visit, the project now has a website full of teaching resources covering not only the usual topics of Berlin, Korea and Cuba, but also topics such as the Space Race, Religion and Sport during the Cold War.  

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