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Elinor Davies reviews Colwyn Bay healthy eating cafe The Fresh Hut

Elinor Davies reviews Colwyn Bay healthy eating cafe The Fresh Hut

As part of her work experience with Rydal Penrhos’ marketing department, sixth form pupil Elinor Davies got the chance to do a special food review at The Fresh Hut, which is a brand new healthy eating café situated in Colwyn Bay.

Here is what she thought:

I was unsure what to expect from The Fresh Hut in Colwyn Bay. The notion of a health food café next door to a gym would either appal me or open my eyes to a new form of ‘eating out’.

According to his interview with The North Wales Pioneer, Azi Thomas, the owner of the café as well as the neighbouring Paradox Health and Fitness, hopes to simplify healthy eating for the people of Colwyn Bay and insists that nutritious food need not be “bland and boring”.

From this, I was expecting an ostentatiously healthy place that served only vegan and gluten free foods with a side of flax seed and kefir. To my surprise however, the menu seemed normal with ingredients that I both knew and could pronounce.

So I ordered the ‘little breakfast’ consisting of grilled halloumi, tomatoes, poached egg and spinach to be washed down with a pineapple and basil mojito.

 As I was waiting, I noticed The Fresh Hut was the favourite haunt of gym goers: I was surrounded by people wearing sports leggings and looking vaguely sweaty as they discussed their exercise routine.

Everybody in the café knew each other - more people would come through the door and be welcomed like old friends. Were they all one massive family?  I had no idea fitness was so tight knit.

This created a nicely relaxed and casual atmosphere, so relaxed in fact that one man walked into the kitchen to return his plates in order to save the waitress a job. I liked this informality; it made a refreshing change from the usual strict etiquette of cafes and restaurants.

As I was looking round at the food of other tables, it looked far more tasty and interesting than mine. Perhaps I just chose badly. The lunch menu, as I suspected, was broader than breakfast with many appealing dishes; the salmon and rocket flatbread caught my eye.  

The Fresh Hut is unlike any other café I’ve visited and is a whole new category of eatery: It is not the place for a particularly exciting eating experience or to be visited to celebrate a birthday for example.

It provides healthy meals that could be consumed on a regular basis without the typical guilt or indulgence associated with eating out. It is a very ‘of the age’ café that provides genuinely healthy meals quickly and easily to make healthy living accessible for all.

The portion sizes, despite my displeasure, are the size you need rather than the overwhelming meals to which we have grown accustomed and I think this type of eatery needs to grow throughout the country.

When wandering hungry through town and you do not want to cook for yourself, you can pop into The Fresh Hut without the need to adjust your belt buckle, as is so often the case when eating out.

I like the principal of this café and shall visit again when in the area or after a tough gym session. The latter being highly unlikely. 

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