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Edwards House boarding group celebrate International Women's Day

Edwards House boarding group celebrate International Women's Day

Members of the only girls’ boarding house at Rydal Penrhos celebrated all things female to lend their support to a global day of recognition.

As part of their contribution to International Women’s Day, members of Edwards House took to the Memorial Hall stage for a special assembly to talk about the plight of women throughout history, and how things have changed over the decades.

American Saxon Cowley began by giving a brief history of the occasion and how it has adopted a new global dimension in recent years, with Caitlin Qu going through the painstaking process involving women getting the right to vote throughout history.

Gladys Hui then spoke about some of the key moments throughout history where women have protested their right to vote, including when Emily Davison threw herself under the King’s horse during the 1913 derby, before also discussing the significant contribution women made during the First World War.

Sixth Former Rugby James and Year 10 pupil Sydney Johnson then took the microphone to talk about some significant women’s marches regarding rights in the workplace and their need to become involved in politics, before Nuria Sendros Montolio discussed how some countries still prevent women from working at night, dressing in a way they choose or refusing them the right not to marry.

The disparity regarding women in sport was spoken about passionately by Venus Kwong, while Alexia Radu discussed influential women throughout time and leading figures in today’s society such as J.K Rowling and Hilary Clinton.

German Lia Britt Zenker talked about how the different sides of her homeland celebrate International Women’s Day in different ways, with gifts recognising the struggle of women throughout history.

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