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Early Years group take part in first Coastal School session of academic year

Early Years group take part in first Coastal School session of academic year

Preparatory School pupils have been taking advantage of Rydal Penrhos’ fantastic location thanks to an ongoing initiative.

The first Coastal School session of the academic year for the Early Years group took place on Friday, September 15, following the initial success of the scheme which began in February.

The sessions have been designed to incorporate topical work from the classroom through various problem-solving methods along the picturesque Colwyn Bay coastline, which test pupils’ creativity, investigative techniques, numeracy and literacy.

During the session the group were challenged to make tiny shell shakers using beach materials such as seaweed and stones.

They were given the chance to try out different objects and fit them into their own bottles which resulted in some impressive final products.

Nikki Taylor, who achieved her Level Three Coastal Leader award earlier this year, said: “The children loved it down there today the weather was brilliant, perfect end to a first full week back.”

The skills that were being encouraged throughout the Coastal School session where teamwork, mathematics, literacy and communication, in addition to safety awareness and increased self-confidence and esteem from their efforts on the beach.

Deputy Head Alison Hind, added: “We are privileged to be situated in a truly stunning part of the world, and we endeavour to take full advantage of this location here at Rydal Penrhos.

“Our Coastal School has been a hugely beneficial addition to our Prep School programme, which gives learning a new and exciting dimension for our Early Years group.”

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