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Donald Trump and Lord Voldemort compared during innovative Academic Scholar session

Donald Trump and Lord Voldemort compared during innovative Academic Scholar session

A leading global figure and one of the greatest fantasy novels of all time were the inspiration behind the latest in the series of an ongoing learning initiative at Rydal Penrhos.

Music teacher Richard Davies took a special Academic Scholar session for the successful ongoing initiative, which was given the title of ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Instagram’.

During the seminar, the group explored the difference between good and evil and how real-life characters relate to some leading figures throughout the world.

The prime example used was the controversial figure Donald Trump, a wealthy billionaire who shocked the globe when he won the United States of America presidency over fancied rival Hilary Clinton in 2016.

His comparison was the iconic Harry Potter villain Lord Voldemort, and Mr Davies looked at similarities between the two before listing some infamous quotes from both to get the group to guess which character said what statement.

They followed this with a few examples of what constitutes good or evil in today’s modern society and the importance of keeping a sound moral compass to ensure great characteristics to transition through both their education and ‘real-world’ lives.

Deputy Head Tim Cashell, said: “This was another example of the innovative and exciting methods of teaching by our fantastic staff, and well done to Mr Davies for another outstanding Academic Scholar session.

“The seminars have been a hugely vital additional learning tool for each pupil that has participated throughout the academic year, and hopefully this scheme can continue long into the future.”

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