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Beecholme retain Inter-Boarding House Mixed Sports crown

Beecholme retain Inter-Boarding House Mixed Sports crown

By Rydal Penrhos Deputy Head Tim Cashell:

Last weekend saw the annual inter-boarding house mixed sports competition with reigning Champions Beecholme looking to secure another title after a dominant performance 12 months ago.

With two Edwards teams entered, the Pool competition between five pairs saw Beecholme through Jonas Lukas-Nuelle and Bohdan Diedov take third place. 

Hathaway, with Ivan Shamrai and Alex Sorokin, who finished second, were surprised by an impressive Emily Li and Mia Cole of Edwards who also beat their compatriots Alexia Radu and Venus Kwong to secure fourth. 

Netherton, with Nico Beck and Prompt were unbeaten, however, and took the title.

Eight teams took to the Fuzzball with three from Beecholme and two each from Hathaway and Edwards. 

The Edwards girls battled it out for 7th and 8th place with Saxon Cowley and Jess Maudsley defeating Malina Kiel and Carol Chen. 

Hathaway battled it out for 5th and 6th places with Sten Lai, Julian and Rune taking the spoils.  In the semi-finals, Leopold Ludwig and Mark Mueller defeated Noah and Calvin from Beecholme 5-4 whilst in the other semi-final, an all Beecholme affair, Nic Inhester and Ethan Davis lost out to a combination of Arran Sen, Damizola and Simeon Murphy-Thomas. 

The experience of Leo and Marc won over in the final as Netherton overcame the impressive Beecholme youngsters.

In the table tennis, Ben Davis and Felix Fink from Beecholme secured third whilst Gabriel Dahl and Matthew Chan defeated Lia-Britt and Olivia Williams of Edwards to win the competition from the six other competing pairs.

In a highly competitive badminton tournament featuring eleven pairs, Beecholme through Derek Ho and Ethan Chan (winners) and Boris Wong and Geoffrey Fu, runners-up, dominated the event. 

There was a notable third from Roman Dragamirov and Bohdan Velychko of Hathaway. 

Despite fielding two teams, Edwards failed to register a goal in their matches in the football tournament.  Hathaway and Beecholme 1 both defeated Netherton 1-0 whilst Beecholme 2 secured two wins against the girls. 

In a clinical fashion, Beecholme overcame Hathaway 3-0 in the final.

In the tug-of-war, Netherton beat Hathaway and Beecholme beat Netherton, both recording one victory from their three pulls.  Edwards and Hathaway both secured two wins but, by dint of their win over the girls, Hathaway were crowned champions. 

Adding up the total points from the six events, the final results were;

4th, Edwards 62, 3rd, Netherton 68, 2nd, Hathaway 72 and 1st Beecholme 84

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