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Art pupils enhance learning at Andy Warhol exhibition

Art pupils enhance learning at Andy Warhol exhibition

Young artists at Rydal Penrhos had the chance to view an exhibition from one of the world’s most renowned industry figures on a recent trip.

The A-level and GCSE group travelled to the Whitworth Art Gallery at the University of Manchester, where work from Andy Warhol is on display.

The trip was set up to enhance the group’s learning ahead of their summer submission entries.

Head of Art Mark Sherrington, said: “The pupils were confronted by his famous screen prints of the electric chair and his large guns. It is always important to see real art in the flesh and they responded well to work that is obviously political and relevant today.

“The week before the sixth form pupils had all tried a real screen print themselves based on their work during a terrific workshop run by Mrs Morris. This really helped them gain a full and deep understanding of exactly what they were looking at while in the gallery.

“Each pupil concentrated on two pieces of work , either form the Warhol exhibition or from the other work in the gallery, writing notes and drawing while sitting in front of the piece.

“As GCSE’s and A levels are revised this aspect of the course has become more important. It is something that has been highlighted as a strength of Rydal Penrhos Art in our moderator’s most recent report.

“It was a great day and one that will help enhance every submission in the summer.

The Warhol exhibition focusses on themes of death, politics and identity and it presents audiences with the artist’s reading of the American Dream at a time when the country will be under scrutiny just days after the 2016 US Presidential election.

In 1968 Andy Warhol was pronounced dead; shot by feminist author, activist and member of his entourage, Valerie Solanas.

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