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Academic Scholars explore the search for meaning as part of latest session

Academic Scholars explore the search for meaning as part of latest session

The search for meaning was the topic of discussion for a group of Rydal Penrhos pupils as part of an ongoing initiative.

As part of the latest Academic Scholar session, Head of Chemistry Michael Pender and teacher Dr Martin Brown organised a number of different activities, and they started with a “Big Bang” using a long match and balloon.

They started by looking at the correlation between length of winning words in a spelling bee and the number of people killed by venomous spiders. There is a strong correlation. 

This was followed by examining elements Gold, Mercury, Oxygen, Iron and Helium to see if there was a correlation between them. 

Mr Pender then gave those in attendance some powerful statements from a holocaust survivor who was a psychiatrist about the search for meaning.

According to Frankl, meaning can be found through:

  • - Experiencing reality by interacting authentically with the environment and with others,
  • - Giving something back to the world through creativity and self-expression, and
  • - Changing our attitude when faced with a situation or circumstance that we cannot change.

The pupils were then tasked with commenting on the statement in the context of the previous two activities, before listening to 'Is that all there is' by Peggy Lee.

Mr Pender, said: “The opening slide was 'What is the meaning of life? Whatever you want it to be.'

“The point being, of course they could find a link between the things they had seen, but was there any point in making that link?

“The answer is of course up to them whether or not a link should be made since the search for meaning is in their hands.”

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