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Aberystwyth University lecturers aid Year 13 A-level History group with Nazi Germany topic

Aberystwyth University lecturers aid Year 13 A-level History group with Nazi Germany topic

Two university lecturers visited Rydal Penrhos before the half term break to aid A-level History pupils with a special topic.

Dr Gerald Hughes and Dr Peter Lambert, who work at Aberystwyth University, gave separate lectures on Friday October 13 surrounding the group’s studies on Nazi Germany.

These centred on ‘The role of coercion in Nazi Germany’ and ‘To what extent was the Holocaust part of a long-term plan by the Nazi regime?’

The lectures were designed to provide additional information to Year 13 pupils who are studying these issues as part of their coursework.

History teacher Andrew Price, said: “It is also our intention to provide a link between the History departments at school and Aberystwyth University.

“We plan to visit the university soon so that our Sixth Form pupils are able to attend some lectures and see the facilities the university has to offer.”

Dr Lambert specialises in modern German history with a particular interest in Weimar Republic and in uses of the past in the construction of German identities.

At Aberystwyth he is Director of the Centre of Research in Historiography and Historical Cultures. Peter has published on range of topics such as heroes and heroisation, the professionalisation and institutionalisation of history and uses of the past in Nazi Germany.

Dr Hughes is a lecturer in Military history, also specialising in diplomatic history and the history of intelligence.

He is the reviews editor of Intelligence and National Security, the world's leading journal on the role of intelligence in international affairs, and the editor of the Study Group on Intelligence newsletter.

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