Rydal Penrhos Community
RP Family

      From our youngest pupil (Margot, aged 2) to our oldest alumni (Michael, aged 101), the Rydal Penrhos community consists of a huge number of people of varying ages and backgrounds, all with one very special thing in common.

      Think of all the combined experiences that they have had.
      Think of all the knowledge that could be passed on.
      Think of how much Margot could benefit from support given by those who have gone before her.
      Imagine the possibilities....

      This is the Rydal Penrhos family - a large and supportive collection of pupils, staff, parents, governors and former pupils.  A family that share their knowledge and ideas, volunteer their time and offer financial support.  A family to be proud of.

      As a family, we can all help each other as we move from one stage of life to another.  We can support projects within the school which will help our pupils as they progress through their eduction, help older pupils as they prepare for the world of university and work, and support our alumni as they move up the career ladder.  

      There are a number of opportunities for members of the Rydal Penrhos family to get together, celebrate shared interests and be involved in the life of the school.  Please click on the following links to find out more, and join us if you are able to. 

      We are proud of our extended family and the part that they play in Rydal Penrhos life.  If you would like to become more involved please don't hesitate to get in touch with Sarah Ritchie, Alumni & Development Director, at or 01492 539736.

      Above: Pupils, parents, staff and alumni join forces on the football pitch in a charity football match.


      RP Family