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Senior Fees

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      School Fees 2019-20

      The following are the fees per term for the Autumn Term 2019, Spring and Summer Terms 2020. Each academic school year comprises three terms.

      Senior School (per term)

      The fee covers the principal charges for tuition, exercise books, text books, Health Centre fees, meals, and for boarders, accommodation, normal laundry, publications, plays, team fares, termly calendars, the Rydal Penrhos Society & St John’s Church, but does not include excursions, dry-cleaning and examination fees. Accident insurance will also be included in the fees from 2019-20.

      Forces Bursaries and sibling discounts are available.

      For all pupils, a non-refundable registration fee of £100 is payable on completion of the registration form.

      Upon acceptance of the offer of a place, a deposit of £500 is required for a day pupil, or £2,500 for a weekly/full boarding pupil, which is accounted for at the end of the pupil’s final term. The deposit becomes non-refundable if, once the offer of a place has been accepted at Rydal Penrhos, the child does not take up the place.

      Senior Day Full Boarding UK Weekly Boarding

      Years 7 – 8

      (age 11 – 12 years)

      £4,900 £9,500 £7,400

      Years 9 – 11

      (age 13 – 15 years)

      £5,100 £10,400 £7,900

      Years 12 – 13

      (age 16 – 18 years)

      £5,600 £11,400 £8,000

      Optional extras charges 2019-20

      English as a Foreign Language

      One lesson is 55 minutes


      Years 7-11 (up to three lessons per week) group lesson alternative to languages: £490

      Sixth form (up to three lessons per week) group lessons: £730

      EXTRA: £35 per lesson (or pro rata for shared groups)

      Learning Support

      One lesson is 55 minutes


      Years 7-11: The school will provide specialist teaching to pupils with identified needs at no cost to the parents for up to three periods per week: the appropriate number of lessons (which may be less than three) and the nature of support provided will be determined by the Head of Learning Support in partnership with the parents. If additional lessons are required, this may take the form of non-specialist skills support and guidance for which no charge will be made; if additional one-to-one teaching is required this will be treated as an extra, for which a charge will be made.

      Sixth Form: Learning Support provision in the Sixth form is treated as an extra charge.

      EXTRA: £35 per lesson (or pro rata for shared groups)

      Alterations require a minimum half term’s notice.

      Music / Speech and Drama

      Individual instrumental (or voice) lessons are 40 minutes each; tuition rates for 2019-20 are £265.00 per term for ten lessons.

      Alterations to Music or Speech and Drama lessons require a full term’s notice.

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      EFL or LS

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